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What Is A Cataract And What Are The Symptoms?

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Cataracts are part of the natural ageing process and are common in those over 65, affecting up to 50% of us eventually. If you have been experiencing a decrease in your vision and suffering from light sensitivity, we’re here for you. Come for a consultation at iSIGHT and find out if our private cataract surgery is the solution to your troubles. 

 A cataract occurs when cloudy patches build up in the lens of the eye. Cataracts are usually not painful but can make other activities, like driving or sports, difficult and dangerous. Though cataracts occur naturally, diabetes can be a contributing factor, as well as smoking, too much alcohol, an eye injury, high blood pressure or steroid medicines. 

 Can it sometimes seem like you are seeing the world through a foggy window? Or suffering from glare around car headlights? Or do you have difficulties getting used to the lights switching on or off at home? If so, visit iSIGHT for a consultation. The symptoms of a cataract include:
  • trouble with bright colours
  • blurry vision (especially at distance)
  • double vision
  • decreased spatial perception
  • faded colours
  • halo
These symptoms are usually experienced worse at night. They can develop very gradually and be hard to notice, but a regular eye test with your optometrist (also known as an optician) will indicate if you need our trusted, private cataract surgery. Regularly needing stronger glasses may be another sign of issues, but longterm surgery will be the solution. 

 Cataracts are treated by a quick, safe and painless procedure, during which the cloudy lens is replaced with an artificial lens. It is performed under local anaesthetic, and usually, one eye is treated at a time. One of our excellent, specialist cataract surgeons will discuss the range of lens options available to you, to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. 

 At iSIGHT we are proud to offer: 

  Consultant Ophthalmologists – The patients will be seen and treated by respected, experienced ophthalmic surgeons to deliver the best possible visual outcome. Our surgeons will offer expert advice and make sure you feel comfortable and confident when going into theatre. 

  Excellent service and a longstanding reputation – We have a proven level of top-quality care, from your first consultation through to the surgery and after-care. We have built up a reputation for excellent treatment over 25 years of practising. 

  COVID-19 secure environment – Safety of our patients is at the forefront of our care with stringent measures in place to ensure the safest environment possible. Our team will make you feel comfortable during the whole process. 

  No waiting lists – At iSIGHT, there is no need to wait longer than necessary. Our private service offers a quick, convenient and efficient solution. Patients can often be seen and operated on within a couple of weeks. 

 The price for a cataract at iSIGHT starts from £2500 per eye, depending on the type of lens replacement you choose (i.e multifocal, to correct astigmatism etc.). You can have confidence in our cataract specialist surgeons and exceptional nursing team guiding you through to brighter and clearer vision. We look forward to hearing from you.


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